scribscrubz: Luscious Jackson at Paradise Rock Club

scribscrubz is a new feature where we capture your favorite local and national acts by putting pen to paper. If you see a hand furiously sketching in a crowd, that might be us, come say hi (we’re nice, I think!).

We caught 90s alt-rockers Luscious Jackson at the Paradise this month. The group recently and quietly reunited in 2011 after more than a decade of silence. Since then, the band has been working away at new material (the first since 1999’s Electric Honey) and you can get a taste if post-millennial Luscious Jackson with their latest LP  Magic Hour that dropped this past November. On this record, Luscious Jackson “[builds] sleek grooves to support arrangements that blend in reggae, disco sirens, crunchy guitar riffs, and kool raps,” said NPR’s Ann Powers. Take a listen to the long lost act and browse below what we saw at the ‘Dise.

Luscious Jackson 3 - Color Luscious Jackson 2 - Color Luscious Jackson 1 - Color