PREVIEW: Chain of Flowers, Kane Strang, Way Out, Strange Passage At Lilypad

On March 4th, Chain of Flowers, Kane Strange, Way Out, and Strange Passage will take over The Lilypad in Inman Square, courtesy of Illegally Blind. This show is full of great bands from distant places; Chain of Flowers are a UK based act, and Kane Strang came all the way from New Zealand. If they can get to gig, so can you. 

Of course, a handful of local acts will welcome the bands from far away. Strange Passage is a Somerville based act, and Way Out come from the not-so-far away land of Providence, Rhode Island. They will set the mood for the evening, playing some signature post-punk jams. 

Chain of Flowers are a product of the grit of Cardiff, Wales, and their latest album is an appropriately brooding work of post-punk. Yet through the sludge there are moments of euphoria, especially in songs that are as aptly named as “Glimmers of Joy”.  Anyone who can’t stop putting on Echo and the Bunnymen records, this band will have you feeling like it is 1983.

 Some of the evening’s acts are a bit more indie-pop oriented, and Kane Strang bring a perfect contrast for the moody headliner. All the way from New Zealand, don’t miss this bands textured, expansive singles. 

 Way Out is a self-described goth-post-punk-psych rock band, and anyone who likes to dabble in any of these genres will enjoy their set. 

  The evening will begin on a more jangly note with Somerville’s Strange Passage, so get to the show early for some brightness. 

Tickets are $12, the show starts at 6:30pm, and is all ages.