SHOW PREVIEW: Liars Bring New Lineup to Sinclair


Photo by Vernon Maxwell

Since the early 2000s, Liars have established themselves as a group that push the boundaries of indie noise experimentation, even going so far as making a drastic, but wonderful switch to more electronic vibes since 2011’s WIXIW. In the last few years, however, the band has seen its fair share of departures; most recently, founding member Aaron Hemphill left the group, albeit amicably. This left Angus Andrew, the band’s lone-remaining member, in a bit of a limbo.

This uncertainty translates into Liars’ newest album, TFCF, an introspective exploration into the creative process that was released at the end of August. Backed by a new live band and newfound creative energy, Liars will storm the Sinclair in Cambridge on Monday, September 18th with support from Bambara. In the meantime, listen to new track “Cred Woes” below one and keep an eye out this weekend for Allston Pudding’s interview with Angus Andrew!