SHOW PREVIEW: Protomartyr, John Maus, Blau Blau 9/14

Before coat-check weather really sets and makes concert-going an altogether uncomfortable experience, mosey on down to the Middle East in Cambridge.

Today Protomartyr will play the Middle East Downstairs with John Maus and locals Blau Blau. The show is to promote Protomartyr’s upcoming album Relatives In Descent out 9/29 and John Maus’ Screen Memories out 10/27.

Here are all the reasons you should go to this show:

-Celebrate getting through most of the work week.

-It’s! Still! Warm! Outside! You! Could! Walk! Home! After!

-Most-likely the last time Protomartyr will be playing a set list of mostly songs from The Agent Intellect album from 2015. 

-Protomartyr and John Maus might play new ~exclusive~ songs since they both have new albums coming out. From the few singles Protomartyr has teased off of Relatives In Descent it appears the new release will be just as punchy and unrelenting as their last.

-John Maus’ last album was five years ago, who knows what he’s been cooking up since then? This single is dreamy synth-pop heaven. 

-You haven’t seen Blau Blau yet and need to amend that, 2/3 of Mini Dresses, come on!

-It’s at the Middle East Downstairs, so you can stretch out a bit more than crowded upstairs gigs.

-If I was throwing a Halloween party Protomartyr, John Maus, and Blau Blau would definitely be on my spooky playlist.

-Netflix will still be there tomorrow.


See Protomartyr, John Maus, and Blau Blau on Thursday September 14 at the Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge MA, 8:00 PM, $20, 18+.