Skinny Bones Spooks With “Stupid Slow” Single


It’s October, fellow skeletons! That means layering up and buckling down to new spooky tunes from Boston’s folktronic finest: Skinny Bones. The synthy duo of Jacob Rosati and Chris Stoppiello will release their next album Ponta Delgada  just days before Halloween this year, hence the picture from October’s past above and the video for “Stupid Slow” premiered today on Impose. Frankly put, it’s capable of eliciting “The Creeps.”

The single itself is a sidestep away from the field-recording-filled Skinny Bones of 2014’s Noise Floor“Stupid Slow” ebbs and flows with all kinds of beeps, boops and whacks, like the sounds of a whimpering computer or an alien struggling to parallel park. Too abstract to imagine? Then maybe just listen and watch the new material unfold below.