Stream the Entire New Trabants Album, “Cinematic”


When it comes to¬†Spaghetti¬†Western inspired instrumental surf rock supergroups, I’d have to say that Trabants is probably my favorite. Wait, yes. Yes, Trabants is definitely my favorite. And lucky for me, the band, which features a rotating cast of roughly six members, including familiar faces like Mikey Holland (Mean Creek, Ex-Magicians) on drums, Joe Marrett (Hallelujah the Hills, CreaturoS) on bass, and Bryan Murphy (The Shills, Man Man) on trumpet, will be releasing their new full length, Cinematic, July 30th. Even luckier for me, Allston Pudding has the entire album right here right now to stream for free, and it’s such a summer slammer! The thing I love most about this album upon its first few listens is how many directions the band can go with surf rock. Lead track “El Charro” has ranchero appeal and could easily soundtrack an old western shootout, whereas “Pyramid” closes with high pitched guitar lines that could appear in a beachy reenactment of The Godfather. There are plenty of classic surfy jams on it too, like “Wave Rider,” whose blues-style Dick Dale riffs create a killer dose of sun-soaked psychedelia. You can help celebrate the release of Cinematic with Trabants on July 30th at TT the Bear’s with Tijuana Panthers and Surfs Up Spicoli. In the meantime, dig the stream below.