Stream Waxahatchee’s New Album





We’re no strangers to the talents of the Crutchfield girls, with both Swearin‘ and Waxahatchee to indulge in. Katie Crutchfield is the face of Waxahatchee, her resonant and ragged indie-pop creation named after a creek in her hometown in Alabama.

After capturing everyone’s attention with the heart-wrenching American Weekend in 2012, Waxahatchee began paving their own path towards success. Almost overflowing at times with lyrics about being young, stumbling, and dysphoric in a world that’s one size too small for you, Crutchfield’s proven herself to be quite the skilled songstress. Cerulean Salt proceeded American Weekend a year later, having matured slightly in terms of how the songs portray her view of the world; and now we have Ivy Tripp, the oldest sister of the three, 13 tracks to celebrate finding your footholds in this unsteady world.

Though still wary and slightly uneasy, Ivy Tripp is significantly more buoyant than its predecessors- a testament to Crutchfield’s own growth into herself, as a person as well as a musician. Smoother production-wise and content-wise, it’s like a fine, southern wine, dipped into Waxahatchee Creek and aged beautifully. You can stream the album over at NPR and preorder the record, due out April 7th, via Merge Records.