The Kills in Paradise

Words and Photos: Steve Nisotel


On the cusp of a new album release, viagra order The Kills played their first of two shows last week at The Paradise on Sunday night, unhealthy putting on a performance that left the audience wanting more, in the best possible way.


The Kills are masters of their craft.  They produce a sound that is best described as dirty, sexy rock and roll.  Fueled by guitarist Jamie Hince’s slapback-infused riffs and Alison Mosshart’s gritty, unabashed, and deeply soulful vocals, their sound has a way of hooking you in and captivating you in a way few bands are able to do today.  The duo was greeted with a screaming ovation as Mosshart danced her way around the stage to their opening number “No Wow” in a fashion resembling the likes of Robert Plant and Mick Jagger.  Hince’s stage presence fairs well in tandem, a bit more reserved and controlled than Mosshart, but her mannerisms and performance antics make for tantalizing eye-candy that draws you in right from the get go.


The Kills 16-song set list drew from all parts of their catalog, including four songs from theirupcoming album “Ash & Ice” due to be released June 3rd.  Their 3-song encore featured crowd favorites Tape Song and Sour Cherry off of 2008’s Midnight Boom, their first album to chart on the Billboard 200.  Opening act L.A. Witch, a three piece from Los Angeles, also put on a stellar performance of self-proclaimed “reverb-soaked punked-out rock,” well worth getting to the show early for.


If you didn’t get a chance to catch either show this week, they’ll be back in Portland, Maine on Sept. 20.  I missed The Kills last time they were in town.  Sunday was the reason I won’t next time.

Order Ash & Ice now on iTunes, out June 3rd.

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