The Orwells with The Symposium @ The Middle East Upstairs (11/5)


Last night, for sale The Orwells played the fourth stop of their “Underplay Tour” at The Middle East Upstairs, discount with opening band, look The Symposium. Starting right on time, The Symposium went on stage at 7:30pm, accompanied by The Orwells’ drummer, Henry Brinner, in place of regular drummer, Jamie Seiwert. The Chicago indie rockers played a short but sweet set, pumping up the crowd with a mix of old and new material, including one of their latest releases, The-Strokes-esque “Synth Song.”


Just past 8:30pm, The Orwells took to the stage, and as usual, vocalist Mario Cuomo was dressed in his own unique way, sporting a pair of zebra print pants, a tank top, and black leather boots, looking like a modern version of Freddy Mercury. Once on stage, Cuomo and The Orwells wasted no time, immediately ripping into their latest single “They Put A Body In The Bayou,” from their forthcoming album Terrible Human Beings. Throughout the rest of the show, they continued to play songs from Terrible Human Beings, including their other single, “Buddy,” layered between better known songs like “Mallrats” and “Who Needs You.” Around 9:20pm, Cuomo ran off stage, leaving the rest of The Orwells to finish with a long improvised jam session, followed by a two song encore.

Check out photos from the show below, and be sure to catch The Symposium and The Orwells next time they are in Boston. Although The Symposium will no longer be opening for them, The Orwells will continue their tour on the west coast.

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