TOUR PREVIEW: Narrow/Arrow & Notches


Making the move from Ohio to the New England seacoast, Narrow/Arrow is now taking on a mini tour with New Hampshire’s Notches. Narrow/Arrow combine beautifully intricate instrumentals and soothing vocal tones to make for a reflective experience. At times, vocalist/guitarist, Cody Nicolas, utilizes two guitars at once, filling in all of the sonic space.

Enlisting Alex Bourne (Lilith) as their touring drummer, Narrow/Arrow will kick off the tour tonight at 3s Artspace in Portsmouth, N.H. and end it here in Boston on March 19th at Zuzu.

Allston Pudding: How did the idea of utilizing two guitars at once, come about?

Cody Nicolas: Essentially one thing just evolved from another. I didn’t play both of them at the same time originally, I’d play the guitar around my neck for most of the set. Then switch guitars, sit down, and play with a guitar resting on my lap. Eventually I got annoyed with having to sit, and the “c-clamp it to a piano stand” idea was born. Then one day a buddy says, “why don’t you get a Morley switcher and play them at the same time??” Annnnd voila…

AP: Did your move from Ohio alter the way that you perceive music communities?

Nicolas: Mostly just affirmed to me that musical communities can be found and started really almost anywhere. With how easy it is to network with each other these days, you really just need a couple of creative heads who want to make something happen.

AP: How did this tour with Notches come to be?

Nicolas: We’ve had a band crush on Notches for couple years now, it was really only a matter of time before we started courting. Hopefully this spring break together will bring us closer and our courtship will blossom into a lifelong obnoxiously romantic relationship.

3/11- Portsmouth NH @ 3S Artspace
3/12- Worcester MA @ Distant Castle 
3/13 – Brooklyn NY @ Alphaville
3/14 – Philadelphia, PA @ Pharmacy
3/15 – Richmond, VA @ Church Of Abe 
3/16 – Lancaster PA @ Fruition Collective 
3/17 – Washington DC @ Slash Run
3/18 – Bloomfield CT @ Bloomfield Pizza
3/19 – Boston MA @ Zuzu