VIDEO: Pink Navel – Kitchen Session

Boston-local rapper and beatmaker Pink Navel performed a set for us in a kitchen in Lower Allston before their show supporting Oompa on 1/14/18.  The session features waffles, samples from 2000s Disney Channel shows and Steven Universe, themes of file extension romanticization, and three new songs.  The new songs all end with “.dev,” the file extension whose lore we learned about in Dev’s 2017 record Raw Navel (which we highly recommend), as well as in the notes of its Bandcamp page:

“alas, i do wish it was the other way around, that .dev was its own file extension and that my existence was limited to it. if i could be an mp3 on your computer, i would only need to speak my beautiful track when asked!!! i could live my days on your desktop, warm from the glow of your monitor!!!! that is where i wish i could be, but i am stuck to this meat sack, until i die. awe well!!!”

Pink Navel’s next record will be called Born On The Stairs and will be released through Ruby Yacht sometime in 2018.  We’re incredibly excited to hear it and share it.  In the meantime, get a peek of the new songs in our session below!  

Hear Pink Navel’s tunes here