Oh boy does Out of the Blue Too have a ~dreamy~ gig for you this Friday! Celebrate the start of fall with this lineup that perfectly exemplifies everyone’s favorite season. (If you say summer is your favorite season, you are lying, and should move somewhere else.)

Modern Lives are moseying over from Northampton. If you’re unfamiliar, get to the gig early to learn up. They combine the soft qualities of dream pop like Craft Spells, but bring a hard edge to it creating a very western Mass sound that us lowly Bostonians can get behind.

Then there’s one of our favorites, Funeral Advantage. Fresh off the release of a new album, Body is Dead, they are ready to pour out their new songs to you. We even have a new video to premiere for you from our pals in Fitz Ross Productions. The Spare Room Sessions once again brings the goods.

Soft Fangs have been playing an increasing amount of Boston shows recently, but we can’t complain. We’ve put them up on a mixtape before, and there aren’t enough nice things that we could say about John Lutkevich’s brutally honest bedroom pop.

Strange Mangers rounds off the bill with a pep to their step. The mathy, dreamy vibes are enough to get you grooving just in time for the show to end. Luckily Central Square is happening enough to bring the after party somewhere nearby.

Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery & More
541 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA

8pm, $8, 18+