VIDEO PREMIERE: Hellrazor – “Covered In Shit”


Members of Speedy Ortiz and Ovlov have come together to deliver another fuzzed out adventure with Hellrazor. The band has released a series of distorted images propelled by heavy bass within their new video for “Covered In Shit”. Although Hellrazor is still yet to play their latest album, Satan Smile, in Boston, this video will tide us over for now. 

Check out the video for “Covered In Shit” and be sure to get to know Mike Falcone, guitarist and vocalist, a little better below. 

Allston Pudding: What inspired the visuals?

Mike Falcone: The distorted visuals were inspired by Melkbelly’s “Elk Mountain” and old Beastie Boys videos, like “So What Cha Want”. The narrative elements are sampled from JFK Conspiracy documentaries.

AP: Can we expect more new material from Hellrazor sometimes soon?

MF: Yea. Three cassettes full of new demos were recently completed with hopefully a lot more coming soon. Later this year, I’ll be devoting a few months to Speedy Ortiz and finishing school, but we’re always working on Hellrazor whenever we get a chance.

AP: Why the name Hellrazor?

MF: I got obsessed with the Mortician song, “Hell On Earth” which samples the cenobites scene from Hellraiser. I also later found the spelling “Hellrazor” flashed across the screen on a VHS tape of bizarre public access clips that my friends made. Plus, “Hellrazor” is a Tupac song, and it’s the name of one of the worst Marvel characters ever. It refers to lots of things.

Hellrazor’s tagline is “Demons to some; angels to others.”