VIDEO PREMIERE: Tundrastomper — “Myth Of Slop”

Tundrastomper’s new video for their second single off O, the band’s second release on Sad Cactus Records, is anything but sloppy. In fact, every second of the video seems calculated — from the elevator music ushering in the title card to the uncomfortable near-silence endured as vocalist Skyler Lloyd nervously enters the office of an impresario he, presumably, wants to impress with his band. 

“Myth Of Slop” is the second single to be shared from O, released on July 7th via Sad Cactus.  The video for the song is a balancing act between elegance and the eponymous slop: cast in grayscale for a majority of the video, the musicians — save for drummer Max Goldstein’s playful goofiness — adopt a solemnity, which, when juxtaposed with the handwritten sign on the door or the giant pot of…well, slop, creates a dynamic Tundrastomper reflects in their music.

Lloyd’s spare, thin vocals float atop scuzzy, counterpointed guitar and bass while Goldstein’s drumming is frantic and hardly contained. What begins as a saccharine exchange of vocals and guitar grows into a monolith of utter noise, the instruments battling each other in speed and volume, the sound swelling until each individual sound is indistinguishable.

The video bursts into color as the slop is dumped on the unimpressed impresario’s head, all of the band members celebrating their victory over the critic. And because absurdity runs deep in Tundrastomper’s veins, the video closes with the impresario bathing in slop, seemingly content. 

is available now on Sad Cactus Records. You can watch the video for “Myth Of Slop” below.