WATCH: Allston Pudding Home Videos with Francie Cool & Deer Scout

In the internet age of High Definition and 4K, we figured, “hey, what the hell, let’s shoot some stuff on a flip video from Britney Spears’ peaking years.” So there you have it. Introducing our latest video series: Allston Pudding Home Videos.

In all seriousness, some of our most intimate video sessions have featured just a musician and their respective instrument. It’s nice to imagine some of your favorite artists in the early stages of crafting that song you enjoy so much today. And when we heard Philly based musicians, Francie Cool and Deer Scout were passing through on tour, we figured what better way to kick off the series than in a warm, Allston, basement nook. 

Enjoy our home videos with Francie Cool and Deer Scout below: