WATCH: Black Beach Practice Space Session


For our latest practice space invasion, we crashed the sound museum to pay a visit to local punk rockers Black Beach. At one point during the session, after we finished one of the songs, a random dude knocked on the door of the practice space and said he walked by and was so blown away by the sound that he ended up listening to the whole song from outside the doorway. I was fortunate enough to go on tour with the band earlier this year, and remember having a similar reaction during one of the first shows, I was shlepping around taking photos, and then at one point I just stopped and was frozen for a few songs in a row, just completely locked into the music, thats the thing for me that really makes Black Beach special, how tight they are, “Youth Is Out There” (a personal favorite) is a prime example of this. It came as no surprise to me a few days later when I learned the band had been playing together for nearly a decade in one form or another.


We filmed three songs off the bands debut LP (Check it Here) which dropped last month via Basement Sounds, and the audio from the session (which turned out amazing) is available via cassette at their show this Sunday with Protomartyr!


By Clark Jackson

The session also includes a few interview questions, which I wish we did more of honestly, as it’s always cool learning a little bit about the band. We actually had to re-shoot the interview a few weeks later because we all had a few to many Modelos during the session and f’d up the interview audio lol. Huge thanks to local rock photographers Madison McConkey and Nick Raygun for hooking up some sweet pics as well! Anyway, check the session below, its a long one, but well worth it! We also have the individual songs on our youtube channel.

Catch Black Beach live his sunday 5/8 at Great Scott w Protomartyr (Tix Here), and then at Boston Calling on May 29th.