Northampton/Boston based queercore band DUMP HIM came by back in September and ripped a session with us. They played a new song called “Unimportant” as well as two songs from their 2016 tape Venus in Gemini: “What’s Yr Deal with Kim” and “Route One, Saugus.” The band is currently in the process of writing and recording for an upcoming record and we’re excited to hear it.

Catch them at these upcoming gigs:
+11/5 @ Lesley University w/ Worriers, Thin Lips, Katie Ellen
+11/11 @ Dyke Palace (a house in Boston) w/ Prior Panic, Space Camp & readings by Julissa Emile, Madeline Lessing
+11/13 @ Sues (Rollinsford, NH) w/ Vacation, Notches, Second Becky
+12/2 @ a house in Amherst w/ Noel’le Longhaul, Luke Halloween, and Snowhaus
+12/9 @ Flywheel w/ Freezing Cold, Nanny

DUMP HIM also would like to take this opportunity to promote this GREAT gig:
+11/12 Bully + Aye Nako @ Great Scott

Watch our session with DUMP HIM below: