WATCH: Future Teens – Basement Session

Local bummer-pop sweethearts Future Teens played a live session for us in their basement rehearsal space just outside the city in Watertown.  Future Teens, founded by Daniel Radin at a 4th of July party in 2014, now includes guitarist and vocalist Amy Hoffman, bassist Maya Morton, and drummer Dylan Vadakin.  The band shares songwriting duties on their new record, Hard Feelings, where their brand of catchy power-pop is as fun as it is tight.  Their songs discuss familiar topics like love and dating in refreshingly honest ways, which is what we love about them so much.  

Catch Future Teens at a gig near you:

2/18 – Columbia, MO

2/19 – Sioux City, IA

2/20 – Chicago, IL

2/21 – Ann Arbor, MI

2/22 – Elyria, OH

2/23 – Shippensburg, PA

2/24 – Brooklyn, NY

2/25 – Philadelphia, PA

3/18 – Boston, MA (w/ Lost Film, Me In Capris @ Great Scott)

You can read our interview with the band from last year here. 

Watch our full session with the band to catch the band’s hot takes on making out, memories of Jnco jeans, and a pro-bono Polar Seltzer spot. 


Setlist:  Sleep Schedule, Girlfriend on a Gap Year, In Love or Whatever, Kissing Chemistry