Dad Jeans Premieres New Track & Video With Haasan Barclay

At just 21 year-old, Allston resident and producer Dad Jeans has been creating quite a buzz among Boston’s hip-hop community. Having helped lay down beats for OG Swaggerdick and Kble as well as take on massive covers like Drake’s “Hotline Bling“, he’s gearing up to release his debut album, Save Yourself, which will showcase his penchant for psychedelic and electro pop textures. 

Dad Jeans’ Dough Eyes

“Tendencies,” which features frequent collaborator Haasan Barclay, is the debut single and video off of Save Yourself. Directed by Liv Slaughter, the video for “Tendencies” depicts a serene afternoon amongst nature with Dad Jeans overlooking a fantastic view of the Back Bay skyscrapers. The synth-laden chorus soars as Barclay and Dad Jeans dance it off together in a clearing, letting a drenched guitar solo add a groovy edge to the outro. 

An Intimate Scene from the Video

While this is Dad Jeans’ first premiere with Allston Pudding, we were proud to help Haasan Barclay debut his album last year, Heaven Is Your Last Dream, which was also an honorable mention on our recent albums of the year list.