FMLY Fest Announced in Boston


The global community of creatives known as FMLY have been putting together festivals throughout the country since since 2009, and this summer they’ve lent their strength to share their love with Boston. From July 5th to 7th, FMLY Fest will be taking place in Boston at the Democracy Center, Elk’s Lodge, and make//shift, to showcase musicians, artists, and filmmakers both locally and beyond. I’ve had a little bit of an opportunity to talk with some organizers of FMLY Fest Boston, and to me, what FMLY stands for is not a Do-It-Yourself approach to art, but rather a Do-It-Together experience where creativity is shared in a supportive and ego-free environment. This encourages an atmosphere where artists are part of a community, and feel safe, not vulnerable, in sharing ideas, experiences, and talents among their peers.

For more info on FMLY and their events, I’d recommend checking out their website, but I’d strongly recommend attending the festival itself. Below you can find the current lineup of talent visiting Boston for the event. Also, check out, maybe even print and share the awesome poster that Faye Orlove made. It’s radical, so is this whole lineup.

Tickets available here

WORKSHOPS & PRESENTATIONS [7/5 @ democracy center]
:: history of zines [papercut zine library]
:: what are freeskools? [great boston freeskool]
:: safer spaces safer shows [support boston]
:: the media’s public editorial meeting [fvckthemedia]
:: chalk it up
:: bike rights
:: presentations from various east coast collectives
& more to be announced!

SOUNDS [7/6 @ elk’s lodge]
:: alligator indian [nc]
:: birthdays [ny / ma]
:: brendan sullivan [md]
:: bois [fl]
:: caustic rainbow [ma]
:: cuddle formation [ma / nyc / ca]
:: emily reo [ma / fl]
:: liana’s fire [ma]
:: little spoon [ny / ma]
:: majical cloudz [qc]
:: mutual benefit [ma]
:: olden yolk [ma]
:: oulipo [nc]
:: passage [nh / ca]
:: peace arrow [fl]
:: psychedelic family [ma]
:: the spookfish [nj / s korea]
:: truman peyote* [ma]
:: yohuna [wi / ma]
* this will be truman peyote’s last show ever
& more to be announced!

SHORT FILM FESTIVAL [7/7 @ make//shift]
:: premiere of truman peyote’s “venice” music and video
:: underground in suburbia, a bridgetown records documentary
:: the la fort’s first show
:: revolutionary autonomous communities’ free food experiment
:: fmly fest on random
& more to be announced!