We made it to October! Just like September’s mix (still available for dl & stream here), in addition to releasing the mix digitally, we also put it out on physical cassette that you can pick up for FREE at THREE locations. Thanks so much to our friends at Teenareena Records for hooking it up yet again (check those guys out). As of Wednesday, 10/7/14, you will be able to grab a copy of the tape at Vivant Vintage in Allston and Deep Thoughts in Jamaica Plain.

“But AP, what’s the third place I can get a copy of the tape?”

On Sunday 10/12/14, we are starting up our Localz Only Mixtape Release Shows at O’briens. Drab, Soft Pyramids and Babydriver will be playing and the first ~40 of you that show up, can grab a tape fer free. More details about the show here. You’ll also be able to grab a copy of our first zine ever! Also for free of course.

And we almost forgot to mention the most exciting part these tapes… they’re pumpkin scented. For real.

Thanks again to all the bands, Teenareena Records, Vivant Vintage, Deep Thoughts, the AP staff, and all you readers. Enjoy and spread the mix to new ears!

Ben Katzman’s Degreaser – I Wanna Dance w a Hopeless Romantic
High Pop – The Twist
Ian – I Don’t Care
Saltless Dinners – Barely Living
American Wrestlers – I Can Do No Wrong
Cult Flourescent – Fiel’d
Bill Times A Billion – Pretty and Nice
Big Mess – Headbone
Drab – Loose Lips Sink Ships
Soft Pyramids – Hands Over Mouths
Babydriver – Fugitive Waltz
Lost Tunnel Boys – Hotel Mornings
L.A. Jeff – Out of Time
Al Marantz – Chemical Rose