PREMIERE: Dinoczar’s “Burnt Out”

Fresh off a summer tour and with 2 EPs to its name, Dinoczar isn’t a new band, but its approach to today’s debuting single “Burnt Out” is that of a group that’s stepping into its own. Combining the trio’s familiar fuzzed-out progressions with echoing vocals and a thick layer of sludge, the track reveals the band developing a heavier, more complex sound for the 2016 release of album Sick Wind.  

“This song, in particular, came from me wanting to write a Thin Lizzy riff,” explained drummer and vocalist Aaron Swartz. “I wrote the riff and the chord progression and then showed the boys one day. From there, we jammed it out until what it is today. There wasn’t much additional writing for this one and it all came kind of naturally.”

Check out the track below, then catch the band live at the Middle East Upstairs on November 5th, where they’ll be releasing “Burnt Out” on a limited edition cassingle with b-side “I Lost My Head.”


Sick Wind track listing:

I Lost My Head

Sick Wind


Burnt Out

Ghost Slam



Steve’s Grotto/Ryder Hider