Zodiac Trax: April Forecasts 2016


Navigating the stars is hard. A couple weird astrology enthusiasts at Allston Pudding are here to help. Let us provide you with monthly synchronous soundtracks, and some planetary advice along the way.


April Planetary Overview

Apr 5th 12:50 PM Venus enters Aries
Apr 5th 7:09 PM Mercury enters Taurus
Apr 7th 7:24 AM New Moon in Aries
Apr 17th 8:14 AM Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius
Apr 18th 3:26 AM Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn
Apr 19th 11:29 AM Sun enters Taurus
Apr 22nd 1:24 AM Full Moon in Scorpio
Apr 28th 1:20 PM Mercury Retrograde Taurus
Apr 29th 8:36 PM Venus enters Taurus

Wtf it means:

Honestly, this month’s forecast is a mixed bag. If you thought it was about time for Mercury to retrograde and fux with how we communicate then, congrats. You were right! And Pluto and Mars be joining the messenger of the gods in retrograde. A planet in retrograde simply means that it appears to move backward in the sky, relative to our Earth and the motions of the other planets. When Mercury, Mars and Pluto all turn retrograde this April, they won’t physically reverse their orbit around the Sun, but their locations will throw off everyone’s balance this month 🙂 Everyone pays attention to Mercury in retrograde because the planet rules how we communicate. So, brace yourselves for this retrograde in Taurus on the 28th, and try not to be too much of a stubborn communicator. Mars, the ruler of decision-making, will retrograde in Sagittarius, and mess with everyone’s energy levels, and put many of the signs on guard. Lighten up! And remember– try to keep a balance while Mars is in this position. Pluto in retrograde is much more all-encompassing, non sign-specific. This month, the planet of transformation may urge you to adjust to all the big decisions you’ve made in the last year, which might seem like a huge undertaking. It may also stall any changes you may need to make, so just try to stay flexible. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury all enter Taurus during the month, and The Bull offers practical solutions and the commitment to see an idea through to its end. Only, it may prove difficult to stay flexible in the face of Taurean stubbornness. In love, Venus moves into impetuous Aries, and we’ll all receive a dose of red hot romantic potential. The energy from a new moon in that same, fiery sign will also prompt impulsive decision-making, but the influence of Taurus will enable us to maintain our work ethic this time around. Usually full moons mean finalizing plans, projects and goals. But all these retrogrades will likely delay anything that Scorpio’s full moon on the 22nd is trying to settle this month.