Announcing… the Midnight Werewolf Records Triple Threat


We’re really excited to present to you a special partnership with local label Midnight Werewolf Records! For those of you unfamiliar with the label, it was started by Derek Desharnais and Chris Morrison, and their mission as stated in our past feature on them is:

“To provide you with what we believe to be the best upcoming local artists in the city. We range all over in genres from grunge/punk/doom/math and never narrowing it down. Keeping it real to our DIY roots we offer a unique range of homemade covers for our limited runs of tapes and can even provide artwork.”

They’ve released albums from local favorites like Kal Marks, Big Mess and Lady Bones, and in November, December and January we will be premiering exclusive streams from three of their upcoming tapes: Bedroom Eyes, Charles and Pleasure Gap.

Look for the first stream from Bedroom Eyes in early November. Watch this teaser video below to get a feel for what will be bestowed upon you in the next couple of weeks.