No More “Heavy Hearts” After New Save Ends Single

“Heavy Hearts” is the newest single out from local, five-person pop punk band Save Ends. Over a year and some change after their last release (the Hug Your Friends EP from February 2016) this new ripper of a single is our first look into another full-length — and it’s promising. Their forthcoming LP, A Book About Bad Luck, is due out October 13th on Black Numbers.

Co-vocalist, lyricist and guitarist Christine Atturio takes lead on this indie-punk banger. Don’t mistake the ultra catchy chorus, “Goodbye to your heavy heart,” for a posi-punk line. In true emo fashion, the lyrics turn sharp, jabbing “I mean, I’ll do it alone again.” Brendan Cahill backs her up on this one, both vocally and with the dreamy keyboard action that pulls Save Ends beyond traditional pop punk lines.

Over the weekend, the band’s co-vocalists corresponded with AP all about heavy hearts, and the best soundtrack for them. Listen to the “Heavy Hearts” and read our interview with them below. And don’t forget your tix to their show at the Middle East on September 5th when they play with Born Without Bones, Dead Leaves, and Oldsoul. Pre-order A Book About Bad Luck here.

Allston Pudding: When you have a heavy heart, what do you listen to in order to pick yourself back up?

Christine: I have a bunch of Spotify playlists for this exact thing. One is just all happy songs, like “Never Say Never” by That Dog. Super catchy chorus and top notch keyboard “woo-ee woo-ees.” I have another playlist called “Saturday Dad Music” and it’s made up of all the classic rock I would hear in my dad’s car when I was a kid. Sometimes I think listening to a totally different genre of music can really knock some bad feelings loose.

AP: What do you listen to when you want to wallow in it?

Brendan: Elliott Smith. I love (maybe love isn’t the right word) to swaddle myself in Elliott Smith songs when I’m in a sad spot. It seems masochistic, and maybe it is, but there is something comforting in the fact that someone else is feeling super bummed too. Misery loves company, I guess.

AP: Who are some of your favorite lyricists?

Christine: Right now Julien Baker and Waxahatchee (Katie Crutchfield). I’m also always blown away by lyricists who can tell stories like John K. Sampson of The Weakerthans. Its like every time you listen to it you hear a new line you hadn’t noticed before and it blows you away.

AP: Favorite lyrics you’ve ever written?

Christine: I’m actually pretty proud of the lyrics on this record. I feel like I was able to explore some personal topics that I hadn’t been capable of writing about before and its really cathartic to have finally done that.

Brendan: This was weird to do. I’ve never gone through the lyrics of all of our songs before. Our first EP has a song called “Strings” and it’s about Alzheimer’s disease. The idea of losing your memories really terrifies me, and it’s so sad to watch someone go through it. But I took it from the perspective of someone who has it and is relatively happy with their new way of being, but when family comes to visit it brings them to a dark place, because they know that they can’t remember things they should. The song started out acoustic and the lyrics were slightly changed, but here’s how it was originally:

“I’m not the person I once was.
Which version was it that you loved?
My mind is weak and I’m feeling tired.
But I can’t stop staring at your smile.

Those regrets that haunted me in dreams.
All those ghosts no longer mean a thing.
But you’re still here and you’re pulling at the strings.
You’re pulling at the strings.”

AP: Favorite album of this year so far?
Christine: After the Party by The Menzingers and S/T by Rainer Maria.