Old School Game Show Takes On The Wilbur

Take a cup of comedy and add equal parts video, dance, live music, burlesque and essence of Match Game, Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune. Blend with vodka, and pour over the head of Steve Harvey. Welcome to Old School Game Show, you beautiful weirdo. 

In it’s fourth year running, the local alt-variety show takes on The Wilbur for its very first time THIS SATURDAY (2/4), and with the new stage will come some fresh elements as well: new games, new characters, new antics and a guest performance from Will Dailey! No new cars. We apologize.

In all seriousness though, executive producer and actress Ginny Nightshade says Old School Game Show is a unique showcase blending all kinds of local art scenes together. The cast is comprised of roughly 20 area musicians, dancers and comedians with their own followings. “Playing a big venue like The Wilbur gives us an opportunity to show a larger audience all that we have to offer,” says Nightshade, “We’re pulling out all the stops.”

Snag tickets here.