PHOTOS: Manchester Orchestra w/ Tigers Jaw and Foxing at The Palladium (9/30)

To promote their latest album, A Black Mile to the Surface, Manchester Orchestra hit the road with Tigers Jaw and Foxing for an incredible show at the Palladium on Saturday, September 30th. Foxing opened the event with songs from both of their heartfelt albums and had the crowd screaming along. The lead singer alternated between belting the lyrics and playing the trumpet. Their set was full of emotion and was an interesting contrast to the next performers. Next up was Tigers Jaw, who was more upbeat and pop-punk. They played multiple songs from their newer albums and refrained from playing too many throwbacks. That didn’t stop them from throwing in a song or two from their debut. The audience was dancing and crowd-surfing throughout the set and it was a good warm-up for the headliner. As soon as Manchester Orchestra took the stage, the crowd lost it. They opened with a song off of their new album but didn’t hesitate to play fan favorites. Within the first 5 songs, they played songs like “Pensacola”, “Shake It Out”, and “I’ve Got Friends”, throwing it back to their most popular albums. Andy Hull put on an amazing performance, as well as the rest of the band.