TRACK PREMIERE: Lilith – “Lean”


When the most complex of feelings and situations are detailed in a way that makes the unexplainable make sense,  it’s something to be treasured. This is why we are looking forward to sharing Lilith’s “Lean” with you today. 

Lilith stands as an Allston trio, layering an intimate environment of heavy tones. In anticipation for their first EP, Apology Plant, vocalist Hannah Liuzzo explained the significance of “Lean”, the final track.

“‘Lean’ was written after BeyoncĂ©’s ‘All Night’, a brilliant exploration of forgiving a betrayer and acknowledging an undeniable truth. ‘Lean’ highlights the snippet of denial before you’re able to forgive someone, when you try tirelessly to shut out a feeling or a person, but the truth ends up surfacing in new ways,” vocalist, Hannah Liuzzo explained. She then referenced a quote by BeyoncĂ©’s grandma, “Nothing that’s real can be threatened.”

 Apology Plant will be released on February 3rd and you can purchase it through Disposable America. After you pick up your copy, be sure to check them out as they open for Tancred on February 15th at the Middle East. Tickets are $12/$15 at the door and it’s an all ages show.