Steve Gunn Visits Arts at the Armory (01/10)

Steve Gunn’s music filled the beautiful Arts at the Armory with dark rhythmic tones complimented by strong but measured vocal melodies. His set marched forward with a delicate tenacity that displayed both raw musicianship, and careful composition. Gunn is touring on his new album “Eyes on the Lines,” his 13th project in 10 years. It’s safe to say Gunn is marching forward with the same tenacity of his music.

Lee Ranaldo played before Gunn as a split headliner. Ranked number 33 on Rolling Stone’s top 100 guitarist of all time, Ranadlo played his guitar with neck bending nuance, percussive tapping, and even a violin bow to create an atmosphere of rich timbre, and resonate inflections. The back to back duo were impressive and a pleasure to watch in such a charming space.

Be sure to grab your favorite craft beer, or in my case a tall boy, sit back, and enjoy the work of a raw singer songwriter. The pair are currently making stops all around the eastern parts of the country.