Localz Only Summer Mixtape 2016

Summer Mixtape large-02

Back in 1991, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince sang a lot about “Summertime,” and 25 years later, we’re still here for it. Although we’ve got about a month left of summer, it’s never too late to celebrate it! We bring you our 2016 summer localz only mixtape featuring fresh tracks from older favorites like Flat Swamp to newer bands we want you to check out like Caskets Filled with Flowers.

To top it all off, we’re celebrating the release of our mixtape with a show at Harvard’s Zone 3 (next to the newly unveiled PRX Podcast Garage) space at 267 Western Ave in Lower Allston with T-T)b, CosMc, and Theo Hartlett (of Flat Swamp and Ovlov). We teamed up with Polar Seltzer and FoMu to bring you some free drinks and snacks. We’ll have art displayed by local artists including Louis Roe, Nicholas Regan, Jenny Mudarri, Ben Styer, Sami Martasian and maybe more!

Stream and download the mixtape below, and RSVP on the Facebook event for our show!

Flat Swamp – Mr. Good Guy
Oldsoul – Slow Down, Senpai (Live at the Litter Box)
Falco Lambo ft. brmfthsstm – Sanpellegrino
Birdwatching – Internet Killed the Video Store
Judy Chong – Mood (Porches cover)
Honeysuckle – Canary
Cove Sauce – Special K
Julie Cira – Flame On, Heart
Adam Reid and the In-Betweens – Currents
CosMc – Never Knew
Edgar Clinks – Husk Cherry
Birthing Hips – Up Ramp (Live at Skool)
Caskets Filled with Flowers – Lucky Strike
GAY SIN – Metal Girl
T-T)b – Frog Song
The Ricecrackers – JD Beatdown



Flyer by Louis Roe

T-T)b, CosMc, and Theo Hartlett

Harvard’s Zone 3
267 Western Ave
Allston, MA 02134
Doors at 6:30 | $5-10 | All Ages